Sponsor a child

By sponsoring a baby or child at Open Arms for just £25 a month, you can give a child the love of a family and all the support they need to grow up healthy, strong and happy.

We believe every child should have the chance to grow up with the love of a family and the security of a permanent home. That’s why, at Open Arms, we create ‘families’ where orphaned and abandoned children can experience the enduring love of a ‘mother’ and the long-term stability of a place to call home.

Our children live in one of eight homes, with five or six Open Arms ‘siblings’ and a House Mother, who is there to support them in all areas of life, just as a regular mother would be.

When they are small we provide nursery education, so they can explore, play, develop and learn. Then, when they are old enough, they attend a good local school and have access to support and IT lessons from our Open Arms tutors.

Meet two of our sponsored children

Ishmael web


Ishmail’s mother died a week before his first birthday. He arrived at Open Arms severely malnourished, suffering from malaria and unable to sit up. His sponsorship has enabled us to access the best medical care for him, with appropriate nutritional advice to nurse him back to health.


Grace web


Seven-year-old Grace was abandoned in a city park at birth. With no known relatives, sponsorship means we can plan her long-term care, providing access to the right educational opportunities to give her the best chance of a bright future.

Your sponsorship will ensure your child is supported with everything they need, including nutrition, medical care, education and access to recreational activities. They will even get to enjoy a modest holiday once a year with their ‘brothers and sisters’.

Why sponsor a child with Open Arms?

  • You will receive a welcome pack with information on your child and a recent photo.
  • You will receive three updates a year, with photos, to keep you up-to-date with their development.
  • You can write to your child, or even visit them (prior arrangement essential).
  • Over time, a bond develops between child and sponsor, and you become an important part of their extended ‘family’.

Sponsor a child today

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