British 10K London

July 12th 2015

Date: 9th July 2017

Type of event: 10K run

Minimum sponsorship target: £350

6 places available

The British 10K is staged on the world’s greatest road race route through the heart of central London, passing many of the capitals truly world class historic landmarks. Always a popular event this is a great way to tour the iconic London sites and do some good at the same time.

Why run for Open Arms Malawi?

Every day 320 babies in Malawi become orphans. Many die before their first birthday from malnutrition or related diseases. Formula milk costs more per month than most grandparents or other family adopters earn. We feed and care for orphaned babies until they can walk, talk and eat solid food, at which time 85% go home to their families. Just £20 could feed an orphaned baby for a month so imagine what your money could do.

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