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The children cared for by Open Arms Malawi are fortunate to have many friends in Holland and since 2003 over Euro 90,000 has been raised. This money has made a real and tangible difference to many young lives. If you want to make a difference and would like to make a donation in Holland then please contact Carlijn Hooijmans ( who will be delighted to help make it happen.

“Open Arms Holland” publishes a twice yearly newsletter, based on the UK edition, with many features on volunteer and fundraising activities in Holland. If you would like to receive the Dutch newsletter please contact Carlijn who will be very happy to hear from you.

Carlijn has volunteered, with zero remuneration, for Open Arms Holland since 2003. She would be thrilled to hear from you and share the difference you can make to the lives of vulnerable children in Malawi. She is interested to hear about your own volunteer and fundraising stories and is available to help and advice where necessary. You might even get your own story in the newsletter to inspire others!

Open Arms is a registered “institution of general benefit” or ANBI: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling in the Netherlands (RSIN: Open Arms 823831759), enabling some tax advantages for Dutch Donors. For example, if in a calendar year the sum of someone’s gifts to ANBIs exceeds 1% of the threshold income, the excess (with a maximum of 10% of that income) is deductible income. In addition, an ANBI is also exempted from inheritance tax and gift tax on inheritances and gifts it receives. The Dutch Tax office recently decided that all information about functioning of charities should be available via the internet. Open Arms adheres to the new rules and all required information (e.g. contact information, policy, financial data, current activities) can be found on this website or

Carlijn and her friends at Open Arms


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