Mercy and Blessings

Twins Mercy and Blessings (or Bule, as he is known) came to Open Arms after they were orphaned as babies.

Mercy was born with a congenital defect and needs a prosthetic leg. Because of this care back in the village would have been extremely difficult so Mercy remained at Open Arms but Bule went back to live with his Aunt in his home community.

Mercy’s prosthetic leg meant she could not return home with her brother











Sadly four years later (in 2009) Mercy and Bule’s Aunt passed away and so Bule was welcomed back to Open Arms, to joined his sister at Richmond House.

In four years in the village Bule had gained only 3 kg. Mercy gained 12 kg in the same amount of time.

50% of children under 5 in Malawi have stunted growth due to poor nutrition, as can be seen with the twins.

Mercy and Blessings reunited in 2009








The twins are happy together at Richmond House and go to school with their sisters from Richmond House.