The Outreach Programme

Our main aim is to return a two year old to his or her home community healthy, strong and immunised. When a child returns home they will be looked after by their extended family, usually an aunt or grandmother. There are situations where a grandmother might be looking after eight of her orphaned grandchildren already, and the addition of another new born child to look after can make life near impossible.

The outreach programme is designed to help the guardians with both food security and medical support, Mrs Phiri and the outreach team will visit communities and monitor the children that have been in our care, until she is satisfied that the child is settled and the families can support themselves.

We encourage nursery education from an early age as means to combat future poverty. On the occasions where a nursery facility is not available within one of the outreach communities, we construct nursery schools and feeding stations where vulnerable and orphaned children can go to receive free education and a square meal each day.

The objectives of  outreach

  • Provide support for guardians of returned children from Open Arms Infant Homes.
  • Assess health and nutrition status of each returnee initially on a monthly basis.
  • Offer medical support to non related orphaned children in villages of returnees.
  • Construct Outreach buildings (Nursery School and Feeding Stations).
  • Where outreach buildings are provided we train village ladies in basic nursery education via the Early Child Development Training Centre.
  • Establish small scale village based industry which supports the local centre (e.g.  school uniform production).


Community outreach

Feeding Stations and Nursery Schools