Community Outreach

When a child that has been in the care of Open Arms is returned to his or her community, the outreach team, lead by Senior Matron Mrs Phiri, will visit to make sure that they are settling in OK, and that the extended family is coping OK with a new family member;


The communities that care for our returned children are often very poor and rely on farming for food and income. To help ease the burdon on the families who are looking after an extra child, we deliver “starter packs” of maize seed and fertilliser to the families and community based organisations that look after children who have been in our care.

Isha’s aunt receiving a starter pack of seed and fertilizer.

For the families of children like Isha, the starter packs are invaluable. Isha went home from Open Arms Mangochi, to join 11 orphans in her Auntie’s care. By providing a starter pack at the start of the growing season, we have been able to provide a real chance of survival for the whole family. Not just for tomorrow, but for the future. Find out more about this area of or work here.


7 years after Junior Bonzo returned home he is still benefiting from the cash transfer scheme



In addition to our starter pack programme, the children who have returned home from Open Arms may benefit from the cash transfer scheme, a scheme developed to help alleviate poverty by giving food security and access to education.



almost 50% of children under 5 in Malawi have stunted growth.

Due to the lack of nutrition, almost 50% of children under 5 in Malawi have stunted growth. Without help such as these packs the statistics would be worse.

Thank you to the University of Strathclyde’s Malawi Millennium Project, for helping to make this possible.