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Open Arms Holland

Open Arms Holland

At Open Arms we believe that every child has the right to survival and development. We provide essential care for Malawi's orphaned and abandoned children, giving them the chance to achieve their potential within the love and security of a home.

How you can help

Our team need your help more than ever. We need to raise fund to protect our children through this crisis.

If we cannot provide this funding then we cannot continue our services and we will need to cancel projects, which we desperately do not want to do. 

If you’re able to, please set up a regular donation or to make a single gift now.  

The details to use are

Open arms Malawi Nl36ingb0004318297

Please reference your name so that we can track your gift.

Together we can support children in Malawi through this difficult time.

Thank you!

If you have any questions please contact Carlijn Hooijmans ( 

Open Arms is a registered “institution of general benefit” or ANBI: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling in the Netherlands (RSIN: Open Arms 823831759), enabling some tax advantages for Dutch Donors. 

For example, if in a calendar year the sum of someone’s gifts to ANBIs exceeds 1% of the threshold income, the excess (with a maximum of 10% of that income) is deductible income. In addition, an ANBI is also exempted from inheritance tax and gift tax on inheritances and gifts it receives. The Dutch Tax office recently decided that all information about functioning of charities should be available via the internet. 

Open Arms adheres to the new rules and all required information e.g. contact information, policy, financial data, current activities.

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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