Coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus in Malawi - - many children still need your help

When Covid 19 arrived in Malawi in March it was extremely worrying and a state of emergency was declared in April 2020. Thankfully infection rates remained comparatively low. At the start of 2021 though a second wave hit and spread quickly.

With fundraising income dropping significantly, we have stepped up our fundraising effort again to support the children, families and communities through this crisis. 

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Following medical advice in April, our team put the Open Arms homes on lockdown, to reduce risks to our children and staff immediately.  As they adapt to the ongoing threat of the virus and new strains, Matron Chilunga has briefed staff on social distancing, hand-washing and mask wearing and all visitors and volunteers have been paused again.

We have secured the extra equipment and supplies needed to protect our children and staff in the homes and we have temporarily increased support for the families we work with in communities. As Malawi sees it's second wave of Covid 19, with your help, we will continue to provide for as many children as possible through these changing times.

Baby Atupele

So far your support means that

What next

Our immediate priority is to support our team at the infant homes and family homes so that the children are well cared for and supported through this difficult time. This will be different for each child. Older children have returned to school following some closured in January but disruption has been felt accross vocational training and after school clubs. Our house mothers are be busy supporting their families at home to keep them engaged. Younger children may notice less visitors around the home and families receiving additional support may find it more difficult to travel so we have temporarily increased the amount of food we can provide. We're grateful to our hardworking team in Malawi, who have adapted to the new measures and make sure their work can be carried out as safely as possible for everyone involved.

The impact of Covid 19 has increased the funds needed this year at a time when our fundraising income has fallen significantly. We will continue to run our appeal for support through this difficult time and adapt it based on advice from our team in Malawi.

You can monitor the latest infection figures in Malawi by following this link to the Malawi government tracking page

Mangochi Baby

Malawi has one of the poorest health systems in the world with no government safety net.  With the vaccine now being distributed to front line health workers, we are doing all we can to support our team and provide the information they need and support with keeping safe.

As the only organisation in southern Malawi able to feed, house and care for orphaned or abandoned babies and support their return to their home communities when they are fit and healthy, our services will be needed now more than ever to protect children.

Despite our best efforts we are expecting a 40% drop in income which means that services this year have had to adapt to work within the funds available and continue to meet the needs of local partners now and in the future.

How you can help

Our team need your help more than ever. Your donations will be used to provide vital residential care for babies whose lives are at risk and give community help to those families most in need.

If you’re able to, please click here to make a gift now. 

Together we can support children in Malawi through this crisis.

Thank you!

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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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