Give a child the love of a family and the security of a home

Give a child the love of a family and the security of a home

Help a child through Open Arms

There are two ways that you can directly support one of the children in our care. Whether they live in our homes or in their villages there is always a child who needs your help.

By sponsoring a baby or child at Open Arms for just £25 a month, you can give a child the love of a family and all the support they need to grow up healthy, strong and happy. 

When you sponsor a child with us

  • You will receive a welcome pack with information on your child and a recent photo.
  • You will receive three updates a year, with photos, to keep you up-to-date with their development.
  • You can write to your child, or even visit them (prior arrangement essential).
  • Over time, a bond develops between child and sponsor, and you become an important part of their extended ‘family’.

Sponsor a child at our homes

At Open Arms we rely completely on donations to continue our work.  The costs of caring for a child at Open Arms are significant, especially with so many to look after. Child sponsorship, a regular monthly donation, gives us greater security, providing a reliable income allowing us to plan ahead and make decisions for the children’s future. Your sponsorship will contribute to the cost of raising one of our children to give them the very best start in life.

The aim for all our children is to return a healthy toddler back to their community and extended family.  When this happens our sponsors are given the opportunity to sponsor another of our babies or to carry on supporting the child through our Cash Transfer Scheme, explained below.  Sadly it isn’t always possible for a child to return home due to some children being abandoned completely or there being no family member able to take them on.  In this case, toddlers will move from the infant homes into Harrogate House, a purpose built home for our preschool children.  At Harrogate House they will live with a small group of children while they develop their social skills and start nursery.  As they turn five they will then move into one of five foster homes, with five or six Open Arms siblings and a house mother, who is there to support them in all areas of life, just as a regular mother would be.

When they are old enough, they attend a good local school and have access to support and IT lessons from our Open Arms tutors.  In these cases child sponsorship can continue to contribute to the costs of living in a Foster House and to help cover education expenses. 

Sponsor a child in their village

By sponsoring a child in the community through our cash transfer scheme at £15 a month, you will be helping a child to live at home with their extended family and supporting our outreach programme.

When we return a child to their village, we keep contact with the family.  This is to make sure the transition is smooth and successful for both the child and family.  Despite everyone's best efforts, sometimes families still struggle to cope and so we help them by providing a small monthly payment that we call a cash transfer. By asking the guardian to visit Open Arms with their child to collect their cash transfer we are able to monitor the progress and stay in touch.

Inspired by Junior

The cash transfer scheme has evolved following the relationship one particular volunteer formed with a little boy called Junior.

When he was two years old he was ready to go home to stay with his grandmother. The volunteer saw how poor Junior’s grandmother was and despite her every intention, would not be able to afford to send him to school.  The volunteer wanted to become more involved in his future development and make sure that he had the best opportunities possible. And so the cash transfer scheme was born.


How does it work?

Each month Junior, accompanied by his grandmother, will arrive on the same day to receive an allowance.

This was to be spent explicitly on Junior’s welfare and education, though we are very aware that this might not always be the case as he has several older siblings all being looked after by grandma. The transfer is not made if grandma appears alone and each month we get to see Junior and how he is benefiting from the support.

This arrangement piloted several similar cases and currently there are around sixty children receiving their monthly allowances from their well wishers all over the world.

If you would like to find out more about either sponsorship, please complete the form below.

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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