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When you consider volunteering with Open Arms, there are some important things to be aware of. Read through the questions and answers, then it’s your turn to let us know a little about you.  Apply below to introduce yourself and we will send an application pack.

What you need to know about volunteering

Where will I stay?

There is volunteer accommodation on site in both Blantyre and Mangochi infant homes. You might stay at one, or both, depending on the length of your volunteer time. The low cost of US$10 per night goes towards the infant home running costs.  Each Volunteer House has two bedrooms with two beds in each, and a kitchen, bathroom and lounge. Access to Wi-Fi is available in Blantyre.

How much does it cost?

Accommodation costs $10 a day. Volunteers prepare their own meals, and cover their personal costs, so a further $25 would allow for a reasonable standard of living. Blantyre tends to be more expensive as you can eat out easily. In Mangochi there are small local shops and markets, and restaurants are further away.

How do I get there?

There are flights to Malawi via South Africa, Kenya or Ethiopia and you could arrive in either Blantyre or Lilongwe. If you arrive in Lilongwe you may need to travel by bus to Blantyre or Mangochi. If you fly into Blantyre we will can pick you up from the airport.

Please make sure you check the visa requirements for your nationality with the Malawian Embassy before you leave.

Vaccinations and insurance

Your doctor will tell you what vaccinations you will need, and advise you on malaria prevention medicines which you must take. Be sure to familiarise yourself with information on Bilharzia and water bourne diseases.

Acceptance as a volunteer is conditional on you taking out travel insurance with medical cover for your trip.  Should you become very ill and need medical evacuation from Malawi, it could cost you up to US$25,000!  As a charity, we cannot bear the risk of these costs, so please ensure that you take out medical insurance. The chances of needing it are low – but it’s not worth the risk!

Keeping Safe

When you are within the grounds of Open Arms you will be looked after, however we can’t take responsibility for your safety when you are out and about. We will give you advice that works well, and it is an advantage to read up about Malawi and its culture before you arrive. There are some great travel guides to Malawi. 

Apply Now

Please fill in the form below, and we will email you an information pack with all that you need to know. 

When you have completed the Application Form, please send it by email to the team at Open Arms Infant Homes in Malawi. They manage the volunteer programme, and can be contacted if you have any questions before applying.

The team in Malawi will then consider your application and let you know if they can give you a placement.

Thank you for considering volunteering with Open Arms! The experience will enrich the lives of children in Malawi, and yours too.

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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