Make a MEAL of it!

Make a MEAL of it!

Make a MEAL of it

Feeding an orphaned baby costs more than most Malawian families earn.  And sadly many die from malnutrition or grow up to be severely stunted.  We give orphaned babies the nutrition, care and medicines they need to become healthy enough to return home.  

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Make a MEAL to make a difference!

“Throughout November, we would like to invite you to host a meal for friends or family in aid of Open Arms Malawi. Simply invite people to your event, collect a small donation (the cost of a takeaway or a meal out) and donate the proceeds. Complete the form below to register your interest and we’ll send you everything you need!”

Wyson’s story

Wyson became an orphan when he was a baby. His grandma couldn’t afford baby milk, so tried to feed him porridge and sugar water. Finally, she found that Open Arms could help.

Wyson was so hungry when he came to Open Arms as a tiny three month old.  Feeds were difficult for him. Over time though, simple bottles of nutritious formula gave him the strength to grow up healthy.


He was reunited with his grandma as a healthy, immunised toddler. And look at him now!

Every month he visits Open Arms and we hear about school and his life at home. He looks so proud in his school jumper! 

His grandma relies on our sponsorship to provide the food he needs to continue to grow and develop, without our help Wyson's would have struggled to survive and life would be very different for his family.

Wyson Sq 400

Your help really does make a difference!

Last year we raised over £3,000, which was enough to buy each of our foster homes a much needed new oven and contribute to their food bills! Good meals are an essential building block for physical and mental development throughout life.  These new ovens give our foster children the tools to cook as a family, developing a valuable life skill too - thank you!

This year, the funds raised will provide food in our infant homes so your meal will help give a nutritious meal to a vulnerable baby who really needs it.

With your help, we can really make a MEAL of it!

Richmond House New Cooker

You can use your fundraising meal to give more children like Wyson the chance to grow up healthy, by providing food and nutrition for the children at Open Arms. Click here to read more about our children’s’ stories.

Did you know

“Over 50% of unders fives in Malawi suffer from stunted growth. Children who are undernourished between conception and age two are at high risk for impaired cognitive development, which adversely affects the country’s productivity and growth”

Get involved

Fill in the form below to receive a pack with information to help you plan your event.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you like!  Choose a date, grab your friends, enjoy some food and help someone less fortunate benefit from the nutrition that they need to get the future they deserve.

Breakfast time in Blantyre

Breakfast time in Blantyre

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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