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Jaffu's story

Jaffu was born on 13th October 2006, and after losing his father, Jaffu’s mother became very ill while he was still very young.  He was one of the first children referred to Open Arms Mangochi by the Social Welfare Department. 

We were saddened when Jaffu’s mother didn't recover from her illness and died in February 2009, when Jaffu was just two years old.

The team at Mangochi continued to give Jaffu the nutrition, secure environment and health care he needed throughout this difficult time.


Early learning at Open Arms

Despite Jaffu’s unsettled beginning, he continued to grow into a very popular and bright young boy.  He started his early learning at the Mangochi nursery, attaining all his developmental milestones, learning how to interact with others, play with music and toys, identify objects, distinguish colours, sing songs and more. 

Back at home 

Jaffu remained with Open Arms until 2010, when he was able to return home to live with his grandmother.  In 2014 his village was selected for an Open Arms nursery school. When it opened he was able to continue his nursery education, giving him a strong foundation for his primary learning.

Our outreach team provide valuable support to both children and their families, which helps to keep children with their extended families and return home. 

Establishing regular visits ensures that moving back home is smooth and that medical care, as well as nutritional support and clothes are continually provided for.  This was essential for Jaffu as well as his grandmother who took up his care.


Jaffu and his family benefitted from a new house provided by Open Arms, making sure that the family had a secure and safe environment to live in and to help protect the family from further poverty.

When Jaffu’s Grandma passed away in 2015, his sister became his guardian and  he lives with her young family.

Supporting children back at home 

It is incredible to see Jaffu, now aged 12, working hard in school, holding the highly esteemed position two in his class, which his sister is very proud of.

A kind sponsor continues to donate each month, so Jaffu can buy supplies for school and have enough food and basic essentials.  This also allows our team to keep in touch with him and monitor his progress, which is fantastic to follow.

Rashid Gama says “I have every reason to conclude that Jaffu Mtokoma is performing quite admirably at primary school because he had the bright and best foundation at the Open Arms nursery schools at the infant home and in his community.”

Without your support, children like Jaffu and his family would not have the stability and the opportunity that they do today.  Our infant homes help to provide safety, nourishment and care for up to 80 children all with their individual stories, and our outreach teams work amazingly with families and communities to create and build brighter futures for children back at home.

We’re extremely grateful for the support we receive to allow us to keep these services running.  It is wonderful to see the long term benefits that your support brings to children like Jaffu and we look forward to watching him continue to grow and develop.  Thank you!

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