There’s no stopping Dalo

Dalo’s mother was living on the streets when Dalo was born in November 2014. When she went into labour, she turned up at her local clinic alone with her first-born daughter. This was so unusual that Social Welfare officially recorded it.

The family was vulnerable and eventually Social Welfare found her brother who agreed to look out for them all as best he could.  He had limited resources and no regular income though. He struggled to provide for them all and after some time they moved Dalo’s sister into a children’s home.

15 months later, Dalo’s Mum was admitted into hospital after becoming ill. She was back living on the streets and was unable to care for Dalo, and so at 16 months old Dalo arrived at Open Arms.

First few days

She was a much older baby than we usually get from Social Welfare but Dalo did well from the start. She arrived malnourished and weak but ate a bowl of biscuits with Mrs Phri and baby Flora in her first hour. She has never looked back!

Dalo continued to have a good appetite, beautiful smile and developed as she should, enjoying all the new experiences Open Arms gave her. She was totally bemused by the paddling pool to start with but over time got used to it and she loved the volunteers and visitors arriving.

Big steps for small feet

Months later as a growing little girl, she moved to Harrogate House where she found the older toddlers more exciting, especially the active and enthusiastic Lydie who is now her firm friend.

Before long Dalo was a dab hand on the bouncy horse, confident on the slide, and delighted with regular trips to St Andrews where the children go weekly to play in the school’s well-resourced early learning centre. She enjoys exploring her little world and learning and playing with her friends. Now one of the oldest children in Harrogate House, the beautiful Dalo is safe and cared for and very much one of the Open Arms family.

Can you help children like Dalo?

Child sponsorship is a way in which supporters can provide a regular monthly gift for a child at Open Arms, and it is this kind of reliable income that gives us the confidence to go beyond the day-to-day; to make decisions and plan for their future.

If you’d like to find out more about sponsoring a baby or child at Open Arms for £25 a month, please contact for further information.

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