Our impact

Our impact

We have many success stories, here are just a few ...

Our impact

Here you will find stories showing the impact that we have been able to make on the lives of children and their families in Malawi.  All of this is possible thanks to your donations and support.

This year as the world continues to respond to the impact of Covid 19 your support is more important than ever.

2020 impact at open arms

Help where it is needed

In Malawi, around one in nine children are orphaned and 835,000 Malawian families are caring for an orphaned child.

It remains our intention to provide a safe place for vulnerable infants to survive and thrive before returning as healthy toddlers to live with their families. 

Infant mortality in Malawi has been dropping for the past two decades. Your support has contributed to this. Over 2021-22, 33 babies were referred to Open Arms for urgent care and 23 children returned home as healthy toddlers.

Your help allows us to work in partnership with communities so that they can provide effective early childhood development to allow children to realise their potential.

Over half of the toddlers in Malawi are stunted by malnutrition and one child in sixteen doesn’t make their 5th birthday. Sustainable support within communities is essential to changing these figures. that is why it is our ambition to grow our community work and make sure that toddlers can return home and continue to thrive. The work of the Open arms teams, our partners and your commitment makes all of this possible. Thank you.

See how Open Arms support healthy children in communities

Returning healthy children home and creating the opportunity for early childhood development.

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Returning healthy children home and creating the opportunity for early childhood development

Open Arms community outreach programme supports 313 families and children who have recently returned home or need extra help. It makes sure that each reintegration is successful by providing both physical and financial help tailored to the children and their new guardians.

Outreach Work

Growing Independence

Through family houses, we give a home, education and training to over 20 older children who have been supported by Open Arms for life.

Five Open Arms houses are homes to older children who are in education, training and higher education to build skills for a successful independent future.

Adulthood Impact

The team focus on supporting each individual to develop their skills and existing family links to provide a community of support outside of Open Arms who will be able to support them for life.

Behind the scenes

Thanks to your help, last year we could send the funds needed to continue vital services that give lifesaving infant care and improve the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children in communities every single day. 

behind the scenes

Achievements from the past

There have been some incredible achievements since we started in 2000. You can read just a small selection below. If you would like to find out more about our work we would be delighted to speak to you – contact us.

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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