Our impact

Our impact

We have many success stories, here are just a few ...

Our impact

Here you will find stories showing the impact that we have been able to make on the lives of children and their families in Malawi.  All of this is possible thanks to your donations and support.

Help where it is needed

In Malawi, around one in nine children are orphaned and 835,000 Malawian families are caring for an orphaned child.

It remains our intention to provide a safe place for vulnerable infants to survive and thrive before returning as healthy toddlers to live with their families. 

Your help allows us to work in partnership with communities so that they can provide effective early childhood development to allow children to realise their potential.

Over half of the toddlers in Malawi are stunted by malnutrition and one child in sixteen doesn’t make their 5th birthday. Sustainable support within communities is essential to changing these figures. that is why it is our ambition to grow our community work and make sure that toddlers can return home and continue to thrive. The work of the Open arms teams, our partners and your commitment makes all of this possible. Thank you.

Help Where It Is Needed 2

Vital early years care in our infant homes

Our infant homes are places where we care for children most at risk and support their return home to their own communities and families.

2018 saw 61 children cared for in our infant homes. they remain an essential support for the government social welfare team who refer new babies to us all year round. When children are well enough to move back home, farewells are planned around the rainy season and we support as needed through their transition.

Meet Mayankho Limbani

His life has now been turned around after a difficult beginning.

Read his story to see how we helped.

Returning healthy children home and creating the opportunity for early childhood development

Since 2000, over 700 children have been referred to our infant homes and been given round the clock medical care and support. Many of these babies would have died without this help. 

At the same time our community outreach work  (made up of outreach visits and creating nursery schools) has benefitted over 6,000 children and this number is growing too.

In The Community

Family homes and Harrogate House

As our infant homes welcome new babies, our older children grow and develop in their own ways.

Family homes and Harrogate House​

2019 in the community

This year's community work has been dominated by our floods response following following the devastating Cyclone Idai. 
Read about our latest work here.

Opening our ninth community nursery school. Supporting the government strategy of early childhood development. 
Read the details of our end build round up.

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Achievements from the past

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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