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There are so many people who contribute to Open Arms, here are just a few of us ...

Open Arms Malawi

Open Arms Malawi is a UK charity and funding trust dedicated to raising funds to support vulnerable children, their families and their communities in Malawi.  Since we were established in 2000, our funds have been directed to Open Arms Infant Homes, a separate and independent trust based in Malawi.  

As a small, part time team, we work hard to raise awareness and funds that are essential to Open Arms Infant Homes and the other projects that they are involved with in Malawi.  Our team is run by Claire Collins, Gayle Dowling, Grace O'Donovan and Lindsey Barkham.   

We are fortunate to be supported by many dedicated volunteers from all across the UK who help with events, communications, administration and much more. A board of eight trustees provide governance for our UK operations, making sure we raise funds compliantly and that the money sent to Malawi is used effectively. 

Open Arms Infant Homes

Open Arms Infant Homes have a team of over 80 care givers and other staff who work tirelessly to care for and support children, families and communities in southern Malawi. They are joined by many local and international volunteers, who generously give their time and expertise.  

The leadership team is made up of Charlie McCaulder, Matrons Eniffer Chilunga and Martin Mussah who keep the homes and community support running smoothly.

This team is overseen by a board of trustees in Malawi which is incorporated under the Trustees Act and is a registered NGO in Malawi.

A voluntary board in the USA (Open Arms Infant Homes Malawi USA) and Open Arms Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling in the Netherlands, also provide funding for Open Arms Infant Homes.

Open Arms

“This charity is exceptionally well run. There are clear – and transparent – systems and protocols, including a robust and effective board of governance both in Malawi and the UK, outstandingly organised and dedicated staff, and a friendly and efficient fundraising office in UK to which enquiries can be directed. ” - Matt Smith, Lancing College

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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