This is Wyson

This is Wyson

When he was born his mother died leaving him orphaned. Despite her best efforts Wyson's grandmother was too poor to look after him and so she brought him to Open Arms.

At Open Arms we believe that every child has the right to life, survival and development.
At Open Arms<

At Open Arms

Wyson could receive the medical care, shelter, food and love that he needed to grow up strong and healthy.

We provide medical care, shelter, food & love, one day at a time, to Malawi's orphaned and abandoned children.
Time to go home

Time to go home

When Wyson was 2 years old, nourished and strong, he was ready to return home with his grandmother. Now at home the outreach programme continues to provide support until Wyson is settled, and his family can support themselves.

Our Principal aim is to return fit and healthy toddlers to their home communities.

Help a child like Wyson grow up with the love of a family, and the security of a home

At Open Arms we work to give orphans in Malawi the chance to grow up within a loving family environment and the security of a home.

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