Feeding Stations and Nursery Schools

We are extremely proud of our feeding station and nursery school programme, which began in 2003. Open Arms has a policy of providing nursery education to the children returned to their communities at two years old, whenever this is possible.

Sometimes this facility does not exist and where this is the case  Feeding Stations have been constructed.  A feeding station is a place where children can receive free basic nursery education, plus a hot nutritious meal – every day. Open Arms currently assists with the running of 7 feeding stations, reaching an estimated 400 children.

Two of them, Namalo and Kumanda, are in rural areas outside the city of Blantyre whilst Tisawateye is situated in the heart of Ndirande Township. Mtendere, Chimwemwe, Nansenga and Kungumbe feeding stations,  are situated in the Mangochi district.

Our feeding stations and Nursery schools have become an invaluable resource to local communities who are also encouraged to use them for activities that benefit the whole village (adult literacy, and HIV testing are ways that they have been used).

Tisawataye Feeding Station

Namalo Feeding Station

Kumanda Feeding Station

Karen Gillon and Michael Matheson, MSPs Mtendere Feeding Station Ulongwe

Chimwemwe Feeding Station, Kafulimira, mangochi

Some of the children who benefit from  Nansenga Feeding Station, Mangochi