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Open Arms offers resources to enhance lessons and inspire action. Students can discover Malawi and global goals, then build skills by fundraising to give a child in Malawi a good start to school.

With lesson ideas centred on Malawi and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this resource brings global citizenship values into the classroom.

Our new education pack offers information, personal stories and activities which link across curriculum subjects. It comes in three sections:

  • Open Arms – explore how we support health and wellbeing, and meet the people involved
  • Open Minds – investigate environmental issues, poverty, and life in the village
  • Open Hearts – learn about challenges for children in Malawi, and help to raise funds.
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The learning materials are aimed at KS2, and activities can be simplified or extended for higher and lower levels. Here are some of the lesson ideas:

Teaching enhanced

“Malawi is interweaved throughout our school curriculum. It features heavily in our Science, Geography, RE, and English schemes of work. Teachers have embraced our connections and used it to enhance their lessons and teaching.” - Pete Weston, QES Kirkby Lonsdale

We are inviting teachers to use the activities in class, or create their own lesson plans with the information, and join in with fundraising to give children in Malawi a good start to school.

It costs just £12 to give a child in Malawi one year of nursery school. Our short film below shows our nursery schools in action. School groups really can make a positive difference.

Education pack:

Ready made activities, stories and information make it easy to engage a class with life in Malawi.

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A good start to school

Would you like to make a positive difference?

Over half the children in Malawi are affected by malnutrition and won’t finish primary school.

Our nursery schools give nutritious meals and a good start to school. A safe place for young children means their older sisters can go to school too instead of helping at home.

Giving a child good nutrition and schooling can change their health and opportunities for life. 

It costs just £12 to give a child a whole year of nursery school. You can sponsor food and teachers, while community volunteers help to cook and keep costs low.

We are incredibly grateful to St Peter’s CoE Primary School, Harrogate, who have sponsored 27 children for the year. And Fuel for School are raising funds at their Pay As You Feel market stalls and introducing lessons about Malawi.

We are making progress, but there is still more to do to give 450 children a good start to their education.

Nursery School Web

Let's see how many children you can give a good start to school!

See how nurseries help

Watch how children get a good start to school

Join in today to inspire learning and raise support!

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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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