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Open Arms offers resources to enhance lessons and inspire action. Students can learn a bit about Malawi, the major challenges it faces today, why the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) are so important to the work we do and to becoming global citizens, and then build skills by fundraising to give a child in Malawi a good start to school.

This resource aims to give a introduction and overview of Malawi in 2021, the importance of responsible and reflexive global citizenship, and ways to get involved with Open Arms that are specifically designed to supplement school curriculums and help equip students with a lifelong passion for international development.

Our new education pack also offers information on fundraising in schools and at home (designed to be accessible for students, teachers and staff), and details regarding our Open Arms Youth Ambassador programme.

Inside this pack, you'll find:

- an overview of Malawi in 2021 to learn a bit more about the country and its people
- an overview of Open Arms, the teams, and the work we do
- an introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and how they we use them in our work at Open Arms
- the three main challenges facing Malawi today
- meet some of our children and hear their stories
- fundraising with Open Arms (at home and at school)
- printable fundraising sheets to display in your school or community to raise awareness
- details on how to work with us and get involved!

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Teaching enhanced

“Malawi is interweaved throughout our school curriculum. It features heavily in our Science, Geography, RE, and English schemes of work. Teachers have embraced our connections and used it to enhance their lessons and teaching.” - Pete Weston, QES Kirkby Lonsdale

We are inviting teachers to use the information from this pack in class, or create their own lesson plans with the information, and join in with fundraising to give children in Malawi a good start to school.

It costs just £12 to give a child in Malawi one year of nursery school. Our short film below shows our nursery schools in action. School groups really can make a positive difference.

Education pack:

Download our pack for facts and figures about life in Malawi, principles of global citizenship, fundraising ideas and details about our Open Arms Youth Ambassador programme.

Get your pack now!

A good start to school

Would you like to make a positive difference?

Over half the children in Malawi are affected by malnutrition and won’t finish primary school.

Our nursery schools give nutritious meals and a good start to school. A safe place for young children means their older sisters can go to school too instead of helping at home.

Giving a child good nutrition and schooling can change their health and opportunities for life. 

It costs just £12 to give a child a whole year of nursery school. You can sponsor food and teachers, while community volunteers help to cook and keep costs low.

Let's see how many children you can give a good start to school!

See how nurseries help

Watch how children get a good start to school

Join in today to inspire learning and raise support!

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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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