.        Building partnerships

. Building partnerships

Coming together to build brighter futures for children in Malawi

Open Arms Malawi and Fieldscope International are united by their work to improve lives.

At Open Arms we provide essential care for Malawi's orphaned and abandoned children, giving them the chance to achieve their potential within the love and security of a home.

Our principal aim is to care for babies at risk and support their return to extended families as fit and healthy toddlers ready for their next step.  The team work closely with families, Social Welfare Officers, local communities and village leaders creating brighter futures for children, families and for generations to come. 

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We are delighted to partner with Fieldscope International to make this possible. If you can, please donate now by using the form at bottom of this page or contacting us on  hello@openarmsmalawi.org

Open Arms and Fieldscope International work together to help children with special needs in rural Malawi

As well as supporting babies with temporary residential care, Open Arms helps hundreds of children and their families in communities across southern Malawi. This support is made up of monitoring visits, parenting advice and providing basic supplies to make life easier. The advice is tailored to the family and the children involved.

Some of the families we work with are caring for children with special needs. This can be a challenge in itself but even more when families have limited resources, live in remote communities and have to take on the task as a single mother. Watch the clip below to hear Dorothy's story.

Dorothy's story written and created by Nancy Chavi

The psychosocial impact of parents raising children with special needs in rural Malawi

Fieldscope team visit Open Arms Infant Homes

Peter Chulu, Managing Director of Fieldscope International visits Open Arms Infant Homes in Malawi to meet with Eniffer Chilunga, Senior Matron and find out more about their work.

Fieldscope visit Open Arms Infant Homes

Inspired to help?

You can make a donation to support families like Dorothy's today. Just complete the form below. 

If you would like to donate in a different way such as over the phone or by bank transfer, please contact hello@openarmsmalawi.org and quote Fieldscope International.

Together we can help more children grow up healthily with their families.

children in malawi

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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