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2019 Annual Newsletter

By choosing to support us, you are allowing us to move beyond the day to day and be able to plan for the future.  Your support has contributed greatly to the work that we have done securing brighter futures for many children in Malawi.   

2019 Annual Newsletter

Bang in the middle of our short but busy visiting supporters season (May, June & July), we are grateful to Johnson and Johnson Volunteers. They have been working hard assisting our Mangochi builders to construct another Nursery Feeding Station, this year in Mauwa Village - approximately 6km South from our Mangochi Infant Home. Our Malawi builders are providing the continuity to allow: Ashville College, Downe House School, Verde Valley School and George Watson’s College to also make contributions.  SMBC Aviation Capitalwill be ‘touching-down’ in less than two weeks.

 Before starting on our 2019 Nursery build project, Claire Collins and Stephen Walker visited from our fundraising trust in UK. Claire is part-time head of fundraising and Stephen is a volunteer trustee, currently acting chair in UK. As luck would have it, their visit coincided with Mchocholo Village wanting to thank Open Arms (and all you wonderful supporters) for building their village Nursery in 2018.

I should perhaps finish with the story that has dominated Central Southern Africa; Cyclone Idai. The Cyclone blew into Malawi in March and my neighbour measured 317mm of rainfall in three days. The whole of Malawi’s Southern Region (especially Southern Highlands) was affected. The rain drained into the Shire Valley, the River Shire broke its banks and a wall of water knocked-down much that was in its path. The Cyclone drifted East and back into the Mozambique Channel, where it refilled and came inland again, this time to Mozambique but that is another story…

Many thanks

Charlie MCcaulder, Director 

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