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8 New Admissions & 16 Children Returned to their Families

Since the start of September we have received 8 new admissions to our Blantyre Infant Home: twin girls Iness and Cynthia, three boys: Madalitso (meaning blessings), Frank and Enock; two abandoned babies named Desire and Earnest; and one more girl named Grace whose mother was admitted to the Mental Hospital.

These tiny new babies are keeping us busy! We have a strong team of volunteers who are supporting our Care Givers, and they love giving cuddles to help the babies through their first difficult months. 

We appreciate your support & donations to help care for these new arrivals.

8 New Admissions Malawi

So far this year we have returned 16 children to their families, which allows us the space to receive new arrivals. As the rainy season begins we take a break from returning children to their home village. 

There are several reasons for this, one is because the price of maize rises considerably in the months before the April harvest. 

8 New Admissions Malawi 2

Maize is the staple food and the price of it greatly affects the 65% of the population who live below the poverty line. 

Last year a 50 kg bag rose from 4,000 Kwacha in September to 12,000 Kwacha in January because of the shortage of supply. 

8 New Admissions Malawi 3

During the rainy season there is also a higher instance of Malaria and diarrhoea, and the trek to the health clinic becomes that much harder when the village paths become muddy. 

Soon we will start preparing the Starter Packs of maize seed and fertilizer that will help the families to grow the majority of the food they need for the coming year.

8 New Admissions Malawi 4

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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