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They'll be home this Christmas

When Annie visited Open Arms she was led around Harrogate House by Joe, a little boy who a few days previously had tested positive for HIV. 

Within minutes, Annie was surrounded by the eager faces of Harrogate House and found herself giving an impromptu numeracy and English lesson! 

“In countries like Malawi, survival can be very challenging. Very often the most vulnerable are very young babies and children, whom for a variety of reasons are left abandoned at the very first stages of life.Open Arms provides a safe and loving home environment for children such as these. I was so impressed and moved by my visit there last year that I had no hesitation in supporting them in building their fifth foster house. Knowing that there will another home for the children they care for is very gratifying indeed”!   Annie Lennox    photo credit : Mike Owen

It seems very appropriate that the little boy who took Annie by the hand back in 2011, Joe, will be one of its first residents. 

Annie was so touched by the children that she met at Open Arms that she chose to help us find their new home, and we are absolutely delighted to have named it Annie’s House. 

Joe will be joined in Annie’s House by Julita, Isaac, Mwai, Boniface and his little sister Ruth. 

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Sadly Joe and  Ruth  are both HIV +. However, with the wonder and efficacy of paediatric anti-retroviral drugs they take daily it is impossible to tell, their only obvious similarity being that they love to dance!

We are really excited that in the coming days the children of Harrogate House will be in their new home and can’t wait to keep you updated!

The children’s Christmas wish of a loving family and secure home is about to come true, but they need your help to make 2013 an even happier new year. We need to raise just £8,000 to give Annie’s House a year to remember. 

We know that Christmas can be an expensive time, but hope that a small gift of just £10 is not too much to ask. In Malawi, and for our little families there, it really can go a very long way.

Thank You

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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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