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Art on a mountain

It was a real privilege to work with a fantastic group of individuals from Kings College London at the end of last year. The student-founded organization "Open Generation" organized an art event in Austria raising over 15,000 euros for children in Malawi.

The idea for the event "Freezing Time" came from their view of the increasingly stressful and problematic life of young people in today's world. Their vision is to "stop time" to get their peers to consider wider global crises and consider what they can do. The group have done this by creating humanitarian events that give young artists the chance to exhibit and sell their work providing an important contribution to help combat some of these crises.

Building brighter futures for the next generation

Marie Frauenschuh, the "Open Generation" co-founder from Kitzbühel says "Only together are we strong and can create better prospects for the next generation."

With the support of generous partners such as Frauenschuh, Bergbahn and Rosemeyer Art Advisors, more than 300 people came together on the Hahnenkamm. "To unite and inspire people of all backgrounds through art and create a life for one generation in another part of the world". 

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Four artists presented their works at the event 

18-year-old Philipp Pohn from Austria transformed the venue into the world of "Open Generation" with his twelve paintings and sculptures. Illumitati, 

21, a well-known photographer from Los Angeles, projected her work onto four cinema screens, creating a place where guests could go inside to absorb the power of art.  

DJs Erok and Magnumfield from Los Angeles and London provided a musical backdrop so that the guests could experience the themes through different senses.

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Marie Frauenschuh has been an ambassador of Open Arms for five years now after learning about global citizenship at her high school. The 15,000 euros raised will make sure that some of the world's most vulnerable children, cared for by Open Arms, can get access to milk, medicine and other essential items so that they can survive their early years and move back home to grow up with a family of their own.

Thank you

We are incredibly grateful to all the Open Generation team who have put in a huge effort to get their first event off the ground and make it so successful. After working closely with the UK team for the past five years, our colleagues in Malawi are excited about their visit to Malawi to meet the team and see first-hand how their efforts are helping build brighter futures.

Freezing time event
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