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Behind the scenes at Open Arms

We’re fortunate to welcome visitors and volunteers in Malawi throughout the year.  They lend a hand in the infant homes, help with administration, support project work and get a first-hand experience of the work that we do.  We were pleased to host Jeanine and Sammy in October, who have since supported our work from back home in the UK too. 

First Impressions

Arriving at Blantyre airport after 17 hours’ journey in a hot dusty climate was a little daunting to say the least but from the moment my sister in law Sammy and I met up with Kondwani the trusted driver we were made to feel welcome.

Every person we met did their upmost to help us on our trip.

The house mothers were quite amazing with the love care and attention they gave all the children and each other, it really was like one big family.

Our first few days took a little getting used to but we soon felt part of the Open Arms family!

A typical day…

Our days started at 7am prompt! We immediately got stuck in helping with feeding the babies and porridge for the toddlers.  Hair stuck to our heads with porridge we then set to washing up!!

Helping lovely Happiness in the kitchen making peanut butter sandwiches and beakers of milk for early break then orange squash for next break.

Playing with the children and gaining their confidence came easily.

Helping with lunch next job!  Clearing up afterwards and putting little ones down for a rest before having one ourselves!

Afternoons we once again played, sang and cuddled both children and babies.

Seeing babies alter as their little faces started to fill out with the care and food they received from Open Arms was quite amazing.

We also helped out with some of the older children in Harrogate house with Enipher their fantastic and patient teacher. 

A 24 hour job!

Sammy and I started to bond with the house mothers and chose to do some night shifts which were tiring but so fulfilling.  On every occasion the house mothers let us help prepare their food and welcomed us to eat with them.

We went to bed so tired but filled with love and satisfaction.

With thanks to the team

We went to Malawi wanting to give but when we left we felt we were the ones that had gained so much from these little children and wonderful adults who have so little but give so much love and happiness to everyone.

My trip to Open Arms Malawi this October for just over 3 weeks truly will be something that will remain in my mind and heart forever.  We feel so humbled and lucky to have had such a wonderful experience.’

We are grateful to each and every volunteer who visits, helps and then shares their stories of their time with Open Arms.  If you’d like to find out more about volunteering, getting involved in our projects or supporting the children that we care for, everything that you need is on our website in our volunteer section.

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