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Building Global Citizens

We were delighted to see the determination to support the work of Open Arms Infant Homes throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. A number of schools partners have successfully continued their fundraising efforts, raising record funds and educating students on the impact they will have in Malawi.

Global Citizenship

George Watson’s College in Edinburgh held two virtual ‘Race nights’ and St Gilgen’s International School in Austria held a ‘Change for Change’ collection that saw their ‘Malawi 21’ student team design and launch an Open Arms hoodie that will help them promote their work.

We also remain grateful for ongoing support from Kingswood School in Bath, Lancing College in West Sussex, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Cumbria and Stewarts Melville in Edinburgh as well as many others who have supported children and staff in Malawi this year.

The team can’t wait to welcome school visitors back to Malawi again soon. In the meantime, we’ve been working on school resources to bring the Sustainable Development Goals and principles of global citizenship into classrooms around the world.

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