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New arrivals at Open Arms

The team have welcomed several new babies recently. Each has their own story but all of them are in need of immediate shelter, round the clock care and good nutrition while they can regain their health before moving back to their communities.

Baby Shira

At six months old, Shira came to Open Arms on the 6th of October after being left at the bus depot in central Blantyre, where well-wishers found her and took her to the local police station.

Working with Blantyre social welfare officers, Shira's Mother was shortly found and, after assessment, hospitalised so she could receive the proper care and support for her mental health needs.  Unfortunately, Shira’s father remains unknown at this time.

From this point, Shira came into the care of the team at Open Arms.

Shira is a healthy, bubbly little girl who is sitting independently and now starting to learn to crawl.

Shira Sitting

Weighing a small 7.35kg Shira will stay with Open Arms so the team can monitor her development and progress across all key milestones and make sure she gains enough weight. 

The Blantyre care team will be working closely with the Police and the social welfare officer in Blantyre to decide Shira's best future. Thanks to your support she now has a safe environment to live in until her family can be located.

Shabil and Falihana Wines

Born on the 1st of September in Mmadi Msosa village in the Mangochi district, twins Shabil and Falihana came to Open Arms on the 5th of September after their mother died from high blood pressure.  

Shabil came to us weighing 9.9kg. Looking further into their family history, the twin's Mother suffered from medical conditions which, unfortunately, has contributed to Shabil showing signs of blindness during daylight hours.

The good news is that through the care at Open Arms, Shabil is now receiving the medical attention he not only needs but deserves, which will prevent further damage.

Falihana Wines

This simple intervention is life changing both now and for his future. He is responding well to medication and is expected to make a full recovery with no lasting eye damage. 

Shabil's sister, Falihana, was very small when she first came to Open Arms. At a tiny 4.5kg. Falihana was malnourished and extremely shy. However, with lots of time, patience and a little coaxing from her carers she is now gradually gaining weight, feeding well, and has settled happily at the home.

They are both safe and well with the support they need while a permanent home can be found and assessed. 

Why your help is so important

The best place for children is with their families but with cases like Shira, Shabil and Falihana there are no options for them apart from long term institutional care. By being able to support these babies over the short term when they need it the most, the team can nurture them back to health in a safe and loving environment so that they can build up their health and strength while family homes can be found and assessed for them within their communities.

In the run-up to Christmas time, we look to your support more than ever, to help us to provide the continued support that these services rely on. Your help is essential for children such as Shira, Shabil, and Falihana so that they are able to survive their early years, develop the foundations they need for good growth and development and have a healthy, happy future ahead. 

If you can, please consider making a gift to support the children at Open Arms today. Visit to find out how you can help over the festive season.

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