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New clinic accelerates care

We are very excited to have begun a new series of care for two of our children in Blantyre. 

The Sandi Rehabilitation Assessment and Therapy Centre is a new clinic that provides the support needed by two of our children, Edina and Kandichere, and will help us to make sure that they continue to have the best chances at life.

Kandichere Friday was born on the 6 May 2005. She came to Open Arms when she was just one month old. With no known relatives, she has grown up at Open Arms and is now a lively member of Rosemarie’s house. 


She has mild behavioural and learning issues which should improve with therapy sessions at the new clinic. With your support the care we are able to offer Kandichere at The Sandi Clinic will make sure that she has the best chance that she can at school.

Edina Macheso, who you might recognize as the face of Open Arms’ 2013 calendar, has also been at Open Arms since she was a baby. She is a well-loved member of Rosemarie’s House where she copes fantastically well with her cerebral palsy condition.

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She is ever popular, both at the house and at school, though recently she has found her inability to write and communicate at school quite frustrating. She is mobile, thanks to her special walker, and Rosemarie’s house has been modified so she can walk independently to the bathroom with the aid of railings. 

We hope that eventually she will walk unaided and be better able to communicate with those around her. With two sessions a week from the team at Sandi Clinic who provide Physio, Occupational and Speech Therapy, as well as Learning Support, we are confident that progress will continue.

How can you help? Would you like to help Edina and Kandichere to get the care that they need? It costs £100 per month for the girls to visit this wonderful place – you can help by donating today! or contact us to find out more.

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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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