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News on Osbon & Isaac Success

This week we had a visit from a couple of children who we continue to support now they have gone back to live with their families.

Today Osbon visited to receive his first Cash Transfer with his grandmother, Eggry Saiti. He was a little unsteady on his legs, but walking around.

He looks good, as he is a healthy weight, and the outdoor life has given him a darker complexion. Eggry is his maternal grandmother who lives with her surviving six children and Osbon and his older sister.

Osbon October12 225X300

She farms a small garden and her husband does whatever small jobs he can find. Osbon attends a nearby nursery school, where the monthly fee is a packet of maize and 100 Kwacha. We look forward to following his progress. Isaac is now resident at Harrogate House and attends the morning nursery school. Yesterday one of the ladies called me to come and see him and Ruth playing in the sand – he was quite covered in it, as you can see! They were having a great time.

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