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Starter Packs Delivered in Namalo

Neville Bevis arrived in Namalo to deliver some starter packs for the families in the village (maize seed fertilizers urea and bean seed). 

The packs if handled carefully and the rains are good can yield up to350 kgs of food. The starter packs are courtesy of Scotland Malawi Partnership.

The guardian’s of children who have returned home benefit from one of the starter packs to help them provide for their family.   

Each feeding station receives 4 of these packs. If the conditions are right, this could yield up to 200kg of maize! 

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This is however a rare occurrence, but we do see an average of 100kgs which goes a long way to providing the food needed each day.

The starter packs cost about £15 to produce, and really do help families to help themselves.

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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