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Support for Atupele

The next house to be rebuilt as part of our floods response has been identified.  This time in Mangochi.  Our help has been made possible thanks to the generous and immediate support that you have shown to our appeal. Thank you.

Atupele's house flood damage

Support for Atupele 

Rashid reports that Atupele was born on 3rd February 2008.  she was referred to our Mangochi infant home three weeks later following the death of both of her parents.

She responded well to support and care from the team and was well enough to return home in December 2010 at almost two years old.  Atupele returned as a healthly little girl to live in her family home with her older sister, Hilda. 

She is now 11 years old and in year 4 at school. Her elder sister is a peasant farmer.  Hilda works to support her own two year old child from a dysfunctional marriage and Atupele.  They live in Manjawira village, which is a distance of 74 km (to and from from the Infant Home).

Their house had a grass thatched roof and was built with un-burnt bricks. 

Following the cyclone, the house is in a very bad state due to the heavy rains.  Part of the house collapsed during the rains, and the remaining walls are posing an immeidate threat to their lives.

The team have visited the girls and agreed to rebuild her house and provide support to the family so that they can get back on their own feet and avoid ill health and further poverty.  Work is underway as the new, stronger walls go up and the house will be complete by the end of August, as you can see by the picture above and the picture below, this will transform life for the family and provide security for their future.

How you can help today

Our initial response has been to the eight families on our outreach programme living in the districts most affected.  Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we are now able to widen our help to staff and other families affected.

We are providing additional food (Maize and Likuni), building materials (iron sheets for roofing and plastic for flooring), transport and basic supplies such as water tablets and essential medicines.  Building work is underway and is being managed by Kondwani, our Blantyre driver.

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Atupele's new house being built in Malawi
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