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The Bower Effect

When Zoe Bower first volunteered at our orphanage in Mangochi, little did she realise that within three years, she’d be back on her honeymoon, surprising staff and residents and seeing for herself the effect of the incredible £10,000 she has raised, in part thanks to the kind donations of her wedding guests. 

Zoe first volunteered at Open Arms Mangochi in 2012. The children and staff got so under her skin that she just couldn’t stop caring. Over the years, with the help of family and friends, Zoe has raised more than £10,000 for Open Arms Mangochi. Her most recent donation of £3,050, was thanks to her wedding guests’ generosity in responding to her request for donations to Open Arms Malawi, instead of presents.

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Introducing husband, Adrian, to the gang and the work of Open Arms during their honeymoon last December, was simply the icing on the cake, Zoe tells us.

“Our trip to Mangochi was a surprise to Rashid, the administrator and a dear friend.
Jasmine and Neville the administrator and Director based in Blantyre, knew and had arranged it, but Rashid didn't know exactly who it was descending on him, which on reflection, could have backfired majorly if he had forgotten about me.

“The loveliest thing was that Lonny, Mangochi’s washing lady, saw me when we drove in the gates, and, recognising me instantly, gave me the biggest cuddle I think I've ever had. So, so lovely! Everyone seemed pleased to see us - although I have to say, Adrian being the 'newby' got all the attention.

“It was a fabulous few days, the icing on the wedding cake! We just wish we could have stuck around a bit longer. It has though, given Adrian the desire to return (especially with our family) and boosted my desire even more.” We are so grateful to Zoe, Adrian, their wedding guests and everyone else who has been giving via Zoe over the years. We look forward to welcoming Zoe and Adrian back soon.

If you are interested in volunteering at any of our homes, you can find out more here. There are many ways to make donations, including donating in celebration, as Zoe and Adrian did. To find out more, visit out donations page. Even if either of these are out of your reach currently, you could always help those we care for at Open Arms Malawi by spreading the word.

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