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The security of a family

Having a secure family unit can influence and shape behaviour but will also help develop a child’s physical and emotional needs.

However, not every child has this continued family support and security. 

At only days old, Eric Anderson came to Open Arms when his mother sadly passed away during birth. 

With the support of Open Arms and everything Harrogate House has to offer, Eric was cared for and well looked after until he was reunited with his Grandmother at two years old. 

Unfortunately, after only a year, Eric’s Grandmother passed away, leaving him without a guardian and so he returned to Open Arms.

It is always our mission to reintegrate children back with their families; however, we also understand that in some cases, like Eric’s, this isn’t always possible and so we need to provide for children who can’t return home.  We create family environments through our family homes that children can truly call their own.

Eric moved to Tsekwe House with his twin brother Sam and two other children from Open Arms who also had not home to return to.  They live together as any other family with their foster Mother Anna and her son Elton.  

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Transforming lives

Eric is now a healthy and strong young boy approaching his 16th birthday.  His life has been transformed because of the family life Open Arms has been able to provide and the school system that he and his siblings have access to. 

He attends the local Blantyre Baptist Academy secondary private school.  Eric is extremely intelligent and loves sports, especially volleyball, which is great as he’s very tall for his age!  And like most 15-year olds, Eric has now taken his mock GCSE exams…. which he was thrilled to pass.

He is committed to his learning and is a great role model, he even helps out with supporting primary lowers in their homework lessons at Richmond house.

Providing opportunity

Eric is an inspiration, and his ambition to succeed is admirable.  His dream is to go on to University and become a Lawyer - a dream that he is determined to achieve, and which Open Arms will support.

Our family homes and nursery schools are vital for those who can’t return to a family home.  They provide the security and the safety that family offers, and children grow up in a loving home, equipped with an education they would otherwise not have access to.

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It costs us around £7,000 a year to support each home for a year and this is without school fees!  You can help support our older children as they grow and develop on their individual journeys by making a one off donation or by sponsoring one of our children.

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