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Twice the transformation!

Three years on, it's hard to believe that these happy, healthy twins who are thriving in their family home are the same tiny, extremely vulnerable newborns that arrived at Blantyre Infant Home back in September 2020. 

This is the story and remarkable journey of twin brother and sister Misheck and Loveness so far.

Two children sitting on a chair in an African village

Tiny new arrivals

Misheck and Loveness were born prematurely in August 2020, weighing a tiny 1700g and 1500g respectively.

Tragically, their mother died the same day from post-partum haemorrhage, leaving the twins even more vulnerable.

They spent their first three weeks in the Premature Baby Ward at a local hospital, until they gained enough weight to be discharged. 

Misheck and Loveness followed five other children in their family. Their father supported the family with daily piece work, however the amount he earned couldn't possibly provide the twins with the formula milk they needed to survive, as well as sustaining the home. 

Thankfully, Open Arms were more than willing to take on their care and the twins were immediately welcomed at Blantyre Infant Home in September 2020. 

Misheck And Loveness

Love... one day at a time

With plenty of love, care and specialised nutritional and medical support from our experienced matron-led team in Blantyre, both Misheck and Loveness soon started flourishing at the Infant Home. 

Over time, they gained plenty of weight, started reaching developmental milestones - first sitting, then standing, then walking and talking - and grew into happy, healthy toddlers. 

Their father, who was looking forward to welcoming them home once they turned two, visited them as often as he could to build a strong relationship and bond.

You can see how Misheck and Loveness grew during their time at Open Arms in the picture carousel below. 

A joyful reunion

Wonderfully, after two happy years at Blantyre Infant Home and following several bonding visits and home assessments, Misheck and Loveness were able to return to their father and family in Chikwawa. 

Their father had been looking forward to their homecoming for some time and was thrilled to have them back.

On their moving day, most of their family members (and even the neighbour!) came to welcome the children. It was a joyous celebration! All the family expressed heartfelt thanks to Open Arms for being there in their time of need, feeling sure the twins would not have survived otherwise.

Pictured left: Loveness on her granny's lap

Pictured below: Misheck on his aunt's lap

Loveness With Granny

As with all children who return home to their families, the Community Outreach Team check in on Misheck and Loveness regularly to ensure they have transitioned and settled well, are being properly cared for, are in good health and developing as they should. 

Visits revealed Misheck and Loveness were clearly very happy with their family, loved playing with their siblings and neighbours and also enjoyed visiting their aunt who lives nearby. They were also well integrated within their home community are now speaking the local language of Sena. 

Though there were initial concerns about their hygiene, which led to minor illnesses such as ringworm, with helpful advice and support from the Outreach Team, the twins' father and stepmother were quick to make some changes and both children are now kept clean and are in very good overall health.

Misheck With Aunt At The Village

Winning at twinning!

Nearly a year after they moved home, Misheck and Loveness are absolutely thriving.

Their father, who grows and sells vegetables for a living, was very keen to enrol the twins in Nursery School and we're delighted that they have just started attending one in their area. This access to Early Years Education will be hugely beneficial both for their social and cognitive development, whilst preparing them well for Primary School once they're a little older. 

Thank you for helping us to give Misheck and Loveness, and so many other children in Malawi, the chance to achieve their potential within the love and security of a family home. 

We can't wait to see what the future holds for these two!

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