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We’re all going on a ….

As summer in the UK seems to have moved into the dim and distant past, it was lovely to revisit some of the holiday snaps of the older children at Open Arms.

We’re all going on a ….

As a well deserved treat for all their hard work we take the older children at our five foster homes and at Harrogate house, along with their caregivers away for a fun filled week at the Lake.

They pack up the usual supplies, are picked up first thing on a Monday morning and taken to the cottage that Open Arms rents right by the lake.  Here they get to relax, enjoy some time with their family, play games on the beach and splash about in the water.  All against the beautiful back drop of Lake Malawi.  It is a definite highlight of the year and some much deserved time out of the daily routine of school, nursery, homework and housework!   

Wish you were here!

This year four groups were taken up to go to the lake for five days each. The first group was Harrogate House and Annie’s House, followed by the other groups, Richmond House, Tsekwe House, Rose’s House and then Rosemarie’s House.  

As you can imagine it is a full calendar to coordinate but is always enjoyable and is valuable to the children’s social skills, confidence and wellbeing.

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It is thanks to you that these children get to grow up in a family environment and get to enjoy simple things like an annual holiday.  It means a lot to us and as you can see is incredibly important to the children and staff at Open Arms.  Thank you!

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