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World AIDS Day

Today is world AIDS day to raise awareness of the illness and to support those people affected by the disease. At Open Arms Infant Homes in Malawi, it’s a reminder of the plight the illness causes. 11% of Malawians are HIV+.

When Ruth and Joe arrived at Open Arms their only guardian was their 15 year old cousin. Ruth was fourteen weeks old, and her brother Joseph was 4. They are both HIV+.

The day they arrived they were both badly in need of a meal. We remember how Joseph sat patiently on a chair by the kitchen waiting for a traditional meal of nsima and nyemba (maize porridge and beans) Ruth never far away.

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Today, after nearly 2 years at Open Arms and the wonder and efficacy of paediatric anti-retroviral drugs it is impossible to tell their HIV+ status. Their only obvious similarity is that they love to dance!

In 2011 Annie Lennox visited Open Arms. She was led around the home by Joe and it is very poignant that a year later he will be one of the first residents of a brand new house that she helped us to create. (link to Annie’s House)

This World Aids Day we are delighted that with the support of Annie Lennox and theSINGcampaign Mwai, Isaac, Julita, Boniface, Ruth and Joe can move into a brand new house and become a family.

Annies house is the fifth foster home at Open Arms, giving children who have no family to care for them a secure home and loving family.

This world Aids day help us give children like Joe and Ruth the chance in life that they deserve. Help us to build a family by donating to the annies house Appeal(link to annies just giving)

The children’s Christmas wish of a loving family and secure home is about to come true, but they need your help to make 2013 an even happier new year. We need to raise just £8,000 to give Annie’s House a year to remember. 

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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