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Starter pack distributions

With the number of people facing hunger in the Malawi of 1.97 million, creating opportunities for families to grow their own food is imperative.

Each year we receive funds from Strathclyde University. With which we buy 250 Starter Packs that we will distribute to help families help themselves.

These starter packs consist of:

The guardians of the children who have been in our care each receive 1 starter pack to help them to grow their own crops to feed their families. In addition the feeding stations will receive 4 packs each. If conditions are right this could mean up to 200 kg of maize can be harvested (however this is a rare occurrence, it is probably more like 100kg on average), helping the feeding stations to provide for the vulnerable children in their care.

Each pack is invaluable to the families who receive them, and all for just £15.

Hanif and Rose
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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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