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Early intervention for Mussa

Mussa was referred to our Mangochi Infant Home for urgent care at just one month old, after his mother sadly died during childbirth. His relatives could not take on his care and he became poorly so he came to Open Arms to receive the care and nutrition he needed to survive.

Mussa quickly began to gain weight at Open Arms and was visited regularly by his granny, giving the pair time to bond. Now, at over one and a half years old, Mussa is learning to walk and can feed himself with a spoon. He particularly loves playing outdoor games and can join in with his favourite songs.

Looking to the future

If Mussa continues to make good progress, he will return to his family at around two years old. A happy, healthy toddler who can eat solid food and thrive in village life.

Our support doesn’t end there. Muawa, Mussa’s home village, houses one of our community owned nurseries and feeding stations. When he returns home, Mussa will be able to attend for a daily meal of protein-rich porridge, early education and a secure place to learn. His development will include sensory skills, basic hygiene and socialisation with his peers.

Mussa 1

The benefits of this will last a lifetime. Access to early education will give Mussa the best possible start when he goes to school. He will be fed and learn basic skills - increasing his chances of finishing school and giving him more options in the future.

Mussa 3

Giving the gift of nursery education

We want to give more children like Mussa the chance to thrive. We need to raise £6,525 to fund five preschools in Malawi for one year, giving 411 children access to daily meals and a secure learning environment. What’s more, our nurseries can provide jobs and training for local teachers and better resources for remote communities.

It would cost just £9 to feed a child like Mussa for a year at one of our nursery schools. And if you donate between 1st - 8th December through The Big Give, your gift will be doubled.

Find out more about The Big Give and donate here:

Thank you.

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