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How your support is saving lives

With higher cases of Covid 19 across Malawi, we’re working hard to keep the children and our teams safe as well as to continue our support for the babies and families we work with.

We continue to make sure that all children within our care thrive. Keeping them safe, healthy, stimulated, and ultimately, building up their strength so that they can return to live with their extended families.

Thanks to you, we’re able to continue to welcome vulnerable children into our homes through this time, and the children in our care continue to grow stronger every day.

Thanks to your support….

Chisomo was safely welcomed at two weeks old, weighing 7lbs 5oz. Her mother could no longer care for her due to her own mental health issues and, unfortunately, became violent toward her. She has nowhere else to go and was extremely vulnerable.

Her relatives approached Social Welfare for help and Chisomo has come on leaps and bounds. We’re pleased to report she is now walking independently with a walker and reacts positively to those with who she has formed a strong bond. She is now feeding by herself and enjoys playing with her friends in the home.

Chisomo's family members often call to check on her progress and see how she is doing, and once restrictions ease and the virus begins to subside; we will work with them so that she can return to live with her relatives as a formal guardian, when they are both ready.

Annie Chisomo


Everesi is a lovely and bright little girl who was brought to Open Arms on 30th July by community members in Chikwawa after being neglected by her mother.

Six months on, Everesi has settled in well and is a keen climber - certainly keeping her house Mums on their toes! Everesi is eating well and has recently started teething!



Born in March 2018, Hanifu came to Open Arms in 2019 after his mother became critically ill with tuberculosis and could no longer take care of him.  He stayed in hospital with her for a while being cared for by well wishers but it became too much and he was struggling.

Hanifu is one of the oldest children in our home and is very independent. Now a bubbly healthy boy, Hanifu mixes well with others and is receiving the medical treatment that he needs to support his development.

Our team are working closely with Malawi Social Welfare Office to identify a long term guardian for him and he will return to a permanent family home as soon as he can.

Janet Hanif Wonderful Martha

Our older children continue to thrive


You might remember Thoko joined Rosemarie’s house last year. After a period of adjustment, she has settled into the house and started school with Edina. The school offers additional support to children with disabilities and the girls are happy there.  

Thanks to your support, they can also continue to receive physiotherapy at Sandi rehabilitation center to help their cerebal palsy.  Which is aiding their mobility and well-being, supporting them in day to day tasks.

Thoko Edina

The impact of Covid 19

Sadly schools have closed again in Malawi as cases of Covid rise. Initially they will close for three weeks until 8th February but the team are monitoring the situation closely to adapt our family home support as needed. Despite the constant changes our children continue to manage exceptionally. We have recently celebrated some exams and training being completed and so the team were starting to explore higher education and internships.

Like the rest of the world, our older children, and their house Mums, have already spent time last year in lockdown with studies moving to online learning and everyone getting very involved in running their houses. As they adapt to another lockdown, together with your help, we will do all we can to support each individual and help them through this difficult time.

We miss you

The children and team in Malawi have missed the fun and new experiences they get when meeting with international visitors and schools. Still, they have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year together.

All the fantastic work, learning, and development milestones that every child achieves at Open Arms are down to your support.

Your gifts and child sponsorship is providing a lifeline and enable us to continue this support and more.

Help us in our mission to build brighter futures for children in Malawi 

Christmas in Malawi Richmond House
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