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Inspiration starts at 100km!

Fundraisers are amazing! And vital to this community! The support and the inspiring fundraising activities that you take part in and organise to support children in Malawi is incredibly moving.

Fundraising is back!

Fundraising activities for 2022 are back with a bang, and we have some great events lined up throughout the year for you to participate in.

One recent inspiring fundraiser is Emma, who has run 100km in support of the children at Open Arms.

A truly incredible achievement, we're in awe of the hard work and dedication that has lead to her achievement!

Meet Emma

"I've been running for seven years now. It all started accompanying my daughter on her cross-country training one day. My neighbour joked on our return that I was redder in the face than one of his tomatoes!” 

“But it sparked joy in me, and the distances gradually got longer.”

“Then, in 2019 I had the wonderful chance to visit and run trails in Malawi. We spent a morning at Open Arms Infant home, and I was so humbled and touched by the love, dedication, and commitment of the staff. Not only do they care for the babies and toddlers there, but they also work hard to reunite a child with their family and continue that support once the child returns to the village.”

Emma Square

Taking it one or 100k miles further……

“100km is a daunting distance for sure! But after running several 50km races, I knew I was ready to challenge myself further. My husband encouraged me to create a sponsor page as a way of motivation – or accountability if you prefer! And, as a childminder myself, Open Arms' work with babies and children was my first choice to support.”

“Training for 100km wasn't as tiring as I thought it would be. I ran my long runs on Sundays, with my run club behind me. I think the best part was creating sandwich filling mixes to fuel those 4-5 hour runs!”  

Race day…

“I must be honest and say that come race day, I had so much fun I never saw the time or distance pass! I ran with a good friend Laurent the whole way. We laughed, joked, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around Carcassonne (France).”

Would you do it again?

“Well… I've heard 160km is also a popular race distance………. I think I could rise to the challenge – of course, all in support of Open Arms, I wouldn't choose otherwise.”

finishing the race

How are you inspired to help?

The last 18months have been challenging to say the least, and with the latest devastation caused by a tropical storm sweeping through Malawi, our teams need your support now more than ever.

Fundraising is HUGE for Open Arms, transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children in Malawi. Supporting brighter futures, our fundraisers help save lives and play a part in reuniting families and supporting communities to thrive. Together we can make a real difference.

Whether you choose to volunteer your time, participate in one of our brilliant fundraising experiences this year, or have your own fundraising idea we will support you all the way. Contact our team today!

Thank you!

A huge congratulations and our heartfelt thanks go out again to Emma and all of our dedicated fundraisers your support is changing lives in Malawi and will last a lifetime - thank you!

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