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Open Arms Malawi and Open Generation!

On 16th December, a group of young inspiring people studying at Kings College London are hosting a global gala in support of Open Arms!

We are delighted to team up with Open Generation - a fantastic team of students who have taken the initiative to create, design and host this unique event. Marie Frauenschuch, is an ex-pupil of St Gilgens International School in Austria. After learning about Open Arms Malawi at school, she has chosen to support us as her lifelong charity.

What once started at school as a donation of self-designed hoodies developed into a desire to form a long-term partnership. Marie says: "Now we, as Open Generation, want to create a platform to draw attention to this cause and to work together to give something back to the world and to the charity Open Arms Malawi".

Open Generation team

About Open Generation

Open Generation aims to offer young artists a platform that allows them to realise their vision without any traditional boundaries or generational prejudice whilst also raising funds to support vital work for the next generation. 

They tell us, 'We want to create a community that unites all generations by utilising creative and timeless media such as art. We must all work together in order to reach our goal of making the world a better place. In order to create an open and inclusive generation, we must bridge the gaps formed by gender and age biases. Only then will we be able to undertake essential issues and create a future for all generations. We are a group of young people who want to stand up for the lives of current and future generations and appeal to the strength found in tolerance and collaboration.' 


An event to inspire

The Open Generation Gala will take place on Friday 16th December in Kitzbühel, Austria. 

It will focus around the artist, Zoë Kronberger, who builds ideas through simple shapes and reduced lines. Through her precise style and ability to condense a topic, she is able to extract the unique, dynamic and impactful ‘Moment of Tension’.  

In 2020, she collaborated with the young designer Lauren Frauenschuh and successfully transferred her art into fashion.  

Zoë Kronberger symbolises the ideal role model for the Open Generation's vision "Unite to inspire through creativity". With the help of Rosemeyer Art Advisors, the artist will be auctioning carefully selected works at the Event in the exclusive Country Club in Kitzbühel. 

We are absolutely delighted to work with the Open Generation team who are hosting such a fantastic event to raise money for our work in Malawi. We can't thank them enough for their support and dedication and cannot wait for this wonderful event!

Open Generation
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