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She may be a twin but she is one of a kind...

Prisca was orphaned shortly after turning one when her mother died from an illness. Both Prisca and her twin sister Francisca were moved to be with their aunt. 

Overwhelmed, exhausted and barely coping as it was, their aunt already had 13 children to look after, so two more little ones to feed and care for unfortunately proved to be too much.

Prisca and Francisca often had to rely on the older children to take care of them, so Social Welfare decided to step in and bring the twins to Open Arms. 

When they arrived, they were dirty, undernourished and clearly in need of love and attention. But just look at them now! They are a healthy weight, fully vaccinated and developing well at nursery. 

Sadly they’ve not had any visitors since they came into the home, but they’ve settled in so well and finally have the one-to-one love and support they so desperately needed.

Prisca June 15 Web 209X209

Watching twins bond is magical; their giggles, wobbly support for each other and genuine care and concern is heart-warming. When Prisca and her twin came into Open Arms, we knew they were a special little duo. But from day one it was also clear that they are two very different girls.

Although they had the same start in life, Prisca and Francisca have different ways of responding to their worlds. Francisca thrived from the word go and loved the attention she got and new friends to play with, whereas Prisca has been a little more reserved, sometimes needing a little extra encouragement to join in. But with the support of our ‘mothers’, her gentle nature is starting to shine through.

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Prisca is about to turn three now, and the world is full of wonder. While she still only speaks a few words, you can see that her confidence is starting to grow, and she is becoming more curious about the world around her.

Support that is more than just food and medicine

Shyness is common in a lot of the children arriving at Open Arms because many of them have had a difficult start in life, but ‘play’ can be a key factor in developing social skills and confidence. And this is something that has helped Prisca no end. She attends the Open Arms Malawi Nursery every morning and loves the structure and security that this routine brings. Nursery staff give her as many opportunities as possible to learn through play, and there is always lots of encouragement and praise, and of course lots of kisses, cuddles and physical reassurance too. It is lovely to watch Prisca playing when she doesn’t know that you’re looking. She gurgles and babbles to herself quietly as she takes turns with the toys, and she enjoys playing games like hide and seek, or listening to music and singing songs with her friends.

Sponsorship makes all the difference

Prisca doesn’t have a sponsor yet, and so if you are interested in sponsoring this gentle, endearing little girl, we’d love to hear from you. 

Child sponsorship is a way in which supporters can provide a regular monthly gift for a child at Open Arms, and it is this kind of reliable income that gives us the confidence to go beyond the day-to-day; to make decisions and plan for their future.

If you’d like to find out more about sponsoring a baby or child at Open Arms for £25 a month, please visit our website or contact Judith Rudolph for further information.

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