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Solar power for Open Arms in Mangochi

Thanks to George Watson College in Edinburgh, our Mangochi Infant homes has been fitted with a brand new solar panels and an inverter and Rose’s house will be receiving one too.

solar panels in Malawi

Malawi suffers from an unreliable energy supply, so blackouts are common and can happen at any time. For our homes, this can mean that staff are unable to wash clothes or nappies, the equipment can fail and we lose communication. As you can imagine, this makes caring for our young children difficult!

The solar inverters that have been installed in our homes will deliver immediate power supply when the grid fails, giving more than 24 hours of electricity so we can continue to look after the children in our care.

solar panels

Supported training and learning for older children

The panels and inverter due to be fitted in Rose's House will mean that all the older children will be able to make use of the dedicated IT room there for support with their studies and training. This is even more vital with the missed lessons because of Covid-19. It means that there is a reliable source of power and equipment will not be damaged due to sudden surges.

The new system will also reduce costs, as the homes will not be as reliant on diesel generators. Now the generators will only be used for an extra boost when the washing machines and dryers are in use.

online learning in malawi

Thank you

We are so grateful to George Watson College for their long-lasting support and for fundraising to cover the costs of two new solar inverters, solar panels and the installation. This year the school are providing vital funding to support our team through the Covid-19 crisis so we can continue services. The generosity of staff, students and parents means so much to us and will continue to help children with health, care and learning for years to come.

If you’re interested in getting your school involved with our work in Malawi, contact us at - we would love to hear from you.


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