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Your sponsorship can make a BIG difference

When children are referred to Open Arms, they are welcomed with big smiles, provided with specialist care and attention, and soon become part of the Open Arms family. 

It is a constant challenge to provide the continuous funding that this level of care requires. From working with our supporters and team in Malawi, we have developed a number of different sponsorship programmes based on the needs of children and their families in Malawi.

One of these programmes supports children who have returned home to very poor families who need a bit of extra help when they take on the care of an extra child. The families are referred to the sponsorship programme on our Matron's recommendations and they can be on the programme for several years or just a few months depending on their individual circumstances.

Every month the families will visit the infant home and our team will monitor the child's development, speak with the family and help avoid preventable problems like minor illnesses or more serious malnutrition. The team will also sign post other local services if needed.

The family will leave with a small cash amount, which can be used to provide for the child and some food or other essential like water tablets, blankets and clothing.

Vanessa and Janello

Vanessa and Janello, came to Open Arms as babies in 2014, and after successfully moving back home they settled well with their aunt when they turned three years old. 

Through the Open Arms Outreach programme, the team have helped combat the early signs of malnutrition and ensure that the girls receive the necessary medicines and food they need for the whole family to stay happy, healthy, and continue to thrive. This help at home has stopped them needing institutionalised care and means that they can continue to live at home with their community.

Janel And Vanessa 03 02 20 Web

George Phiri

George Phiri is an incredible little boy who currently lives with his sister in a house built by Open Arms in 2014!  Through regular sponsorship, George can attend school, and every year the family receives an agricultural pack to ensure they have food to grow and can use their money to live on.   This is the additional help small sponsorship can bring.

George Phiri Web

Hamisi Ndelemani

Hamisi lives with his brothers and sister and is a shining example of a child reaching their full potential.  Through our sponsorship programme, Hamisi regularly attends school and, when at home, sometimes teaches his friends some of the lessons he has learnt that day.  His family is supported with the yearly agricultural pack from Open Arms, which means Hamisi doesn't go to school on an empty stomach, and with their regular sponsorship, the family makes sure he has everything he needs for school to help him thrive.   

Hamisi Ndelemani Web

Chisomo Sabati

Chisomo Sabati lives with her aunt and her grandmother after her mother sadly passed away when she was born.  Chisomo and her family rely heavily on the sponsorship at the moment as their crops have not performed well this year, and without this income, they wouldn’t have enough food to live. 

Chisomo Sabiti 03 02 20 Web

Your small contribution can go a BIG way. 

You can Sponsor a child in the community for just £15 a month to helps provide a small cash allowance to help families get back on their feet. Or you can sponsor a child for £25 a month and help support the wider costs of monthly outreach visits and basic supplies as well as a small cash allowance. You can help towards good nutrition, education, medicines, care, housing, and more. 

Settling children back in their home communities is vital for an independent future and  it is a big part of Open Arms.  The outreach and sponsorship programme helps the care team keep in touch with children and their families, monitor health needs and development goals, and offer professional advice and support when needed most. 

It is a simple sponsorship programme that provides life saving care.

Find out more today by visiting our website or emailing a member of our team at

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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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