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Biston's new house

Fabio Grandin visited Open Arms in 2009 as part of a DePuy Johnson and Johnson group.  Whilst he was visiting our Managochi home he met a little boy called Biston.  In September 2015, prompted by one of our e-newsletters, he got in touch to find out how Biston was and if there was anything he needed.

Biston had returned home to live with his Grandmother and is supported by a donor on our cash transfer scheme receiving an amount each month to help with clothing, food, medicine – any necessities that it would be difficult for his Grandmother to buy without help. Unfortunately the house that Biston lived in with his Grandmother was in a very bad condition and close to falling down.

Old House March 16 2 Blog

Rashid, our administrator in Mangochi, put together some costs and Fabio willingly agreed to pay to build a new home for Biston. So in March 2016 Biston and his Grandmother moved into a smart new house with iron sheeting for a roof instead of grass and proper brick walls.

From now on they will not have to worry about the house disintegrating during the rainy season or the roof leaking.  We are extremely grateful to Fabio for making such a difference to Biston and his Grandmother’s quality of life.

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