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Meet Victor and Vallela

Twins, Victor and Vallela, arrived at Open Arms in 2005 after the death of their mother due to complications following childbirth, their father was nowhere to be found.

Despite their unsettled start to life, the twins developed well during their time at our home in Blantyre. When they were two they were able to return home to live with their grandmother.

However, caring for twins is not easy and she soon became too old to cope. Luckily, the twins were able to move on to live with their aunt in Ndirande. Sponsorship has meant that the twins have their essential needs provided for, while enjoying the loving care of their young aunt.

Early learning – an essential building block

Our outreach programme supports communities in a number of ways, including opening nursery schools to help prevent malnutrition and provide children with a start to their education near home.  

We support eight nursery schools, and each provides up to 60 children a day with a hot meal and a morning of early learning lessons. 

Victor Valela 2010 Web

Alongside their peers, Victor and Vallela benefited from a local nursery supported by Open Arms and now at 13 years old, they’re a confident and cleaver duo.

They are thriving at school, with favourite subjects for both being English, Art and Chichewa. Despite being twins, they enjoy different hobbies, with Vallela being a keen athlete and singer and Victor more of a mischievous boy who loves drama.

It is fantastic to see them getting on well with an enthusiasm for learning and our team provides ongoing support to ensure this continues. 

After being exposed to HIV, the twins receive treatment that is regularly monitored by Open Arms during monthly health checks. 

Victor And Vellela Sq

They’re also provided with a supply of Likuni flour packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, essential for good nutrition, as well as starter packs that are imperative for helping the family to grow more of their own food and ultimately support themselves.

Thank you

It’s wonderful to see the two of them thriving and we look forward to seeing them develop into young adults. We’re incredibly grateful for all of the support we receive that allows us to turn vulnerable babies into children like Victor and Vallela with positive futures ahead of them - thank you!

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