Sponsor a Child’s Education

Education is the most effective route out of poverty and drastically improves children’s long-term prospects.

In Malawi, a staggering 93% of children do not finish secondary school. After primary school, education is no longer free in Malawi and the vast majority of families simply cannot afford to pay the fees, let alone the costs of educational materials and equipment. 

As a result, 64% of youth aged 15 – 19 do not have any educational qualification and the school age population (5-19) is estimated at 9 million learners or 39.5% of the population (UNICEF, 2018). 

The need to invest in these children is crucial for the future of Malawi.

At Open Arms, we provide a solution.

Our 9 nursery schools  provide preschool education to over 600 children every day - vital for early social, emotional and cognitive development and giving the very best foundation for success in further education. 

We also fund primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary education for a small number of older children and young adults. 

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Global Partnership for Education

“For children in the low-income countries, early learning is a springboard allowing them to catch up with their more privileged peers. Preschool education gives them more chances to do well in primary school later, continue through secondary school, and eventually find work with a better pay”

Invest in a young person's education

If you, your school or community group would like to sponsor a young person's education through Open Arms, please get in touch with us at hello@openarmsmalawi.org or on 01423 530129. 

As a small charity, we would be happy to discuss what sponsorship options are available according to individual needs at the time and the level of support you can offer. 

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Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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