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Great 'Edventures'!

Our supporters are such an important part of the Open Arms family. Without them, the life changing work our team in Malawi carry out simply couldn't continue. 

We are so grateful for every single one of you, but this week we want to celebrate one long-time supporter's very special achievement - and thank him for his dedication to and undying passion for Open Arms Infant Homes!

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Back in 2008, Ed Vanson spent some time volunteering at Open Arms Infant Homes in Blantyre. 

Of the experience, he says, "When I think back to my Open Arms Malawi trip, I am left with a wonderful memory of smiles, warmth and a warm heart. The trip was eye opening, broadening my horizons and gave me a chance to experience things that I had not come close to achieving before. Helping to build a ramp to enable easier access to the buildings at Open Arms in Blantyre remains one of my proudest achievements and I remain grateful to everyone I met for their hospitality, their welcome, friendship and above all their work to help some of the most vulnerable in society." 

Ed In Malawi

Ed's time in Malawi left a lasting impact on him. As a result, he took on some serious physical challenge events in 2014 to fundraise for a cause that stole his heart - raising over £1,400 for Open Arms! 

His great fundraising adventures ended up being worthy of capturing in a book - so that's just what he's done! 

In February 2023, Ed's 3rd book 'Great Edventures' was released. 


Great Edventures tells the 2014 story of Ed Vanson, who, following on from the challenge of a lifetime the year before, has the thirst for adventure and designs a multi-event project to raise vital funds for Open Arms Malawi where he volunteered previously.

Come along as our narrator tells us a story based on finding adventure and helping those in need. This is a tale featuring travel, injury, a suspected heart attack, spending money to irresponsible levels, the best coach journey ever and a few beers here and there. 

It also features a spy. 


Because adventure doesn't always fall into your lap - sometimes you have to go find it.

Ed Vanson Book

Grab your copy - hot off the press!

Though his book is available to buy through a well known retailer named after a very long river in South America... it is also available to buy at the discounted price of £10 through our online shop!

The best bit? Not only will you have a truly thrilling read, but Ed has kindly agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds of the first 6 books sold through our website back to Open Arms, with any future sales also giving a generous proportion back to Open Arms. 

Get your copy through our online shop now!

man holding his book in front of the coast

An honour and a pleasure

“To visit was an honour, to fundraise for them a pleasure. I send peace and love from England all the way across the oceans to the inspirational Open Arms Infant Homes. One day I will revisit and I will be very excited to do so.” - Ed Vanson

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