Open Arms USA

Open Arms Infant Homes Malawi, USA was founded as a non-profit corporation 501 (C) (3) in 2004 in order to act as a USA fundraising arm to support the work of Open Arms Infant Homes.

Open Arms Infant Homes Malawi, USA is governed separately by a Board of Directors in the USA and communicates on a regular basis with Open Arms in Malawi.

Donations to Open Arms in Malawi, when sent via Open Arms USA, qualify for current 501(C) (3) tax deductions and all donations receive an Open Arms USA receipt that can also be used for tax purposes.

All support work in the USA is done on an entirely voluntary basis so that USA overheads are kept to a minimum. Almost all overhead costs that are incurred are donated individually by members of the Board.

This means that Funds collected in the USA, specifically for Open Arms in Malawi, are transferred directly to Open Arms Malawi without any deductions at Open Arms Infant Home Malawi, USA. So every cent of your donation reaches the children at Open Arms Malawi* (see below)

How to Donate in the USA

If you are a USA donor there are two ways to donate:

By sending a cheque to: 

Open Arms Infant Homes Malawi USA 

PO Box 6706

Rochester MN 55903

United States 

Or by secure Paypal    

Please note: Donations through Paypal incur a PayPal fee of 2.2% of the total donation plus 30 cents per transaction. This fee is deducted from your donation by PayPal before deposit into the Open Arms Infant Homes Malawi, USA bank account.

If you would like further information about Open Arms USA, including a list of Board Members, please write to us at the above address or please call us at 509 467 8487  FREE (SKYPE) 509 467 8487   (sponsored phone line) and leave a message specifically for Open Arms USA. We will be pleased to return your call.

Thank You For Your Support.

Nine Mile Falls, Washington State, USA is the current home of Open Arms Infant Homes Malawi, USA.

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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