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Rosemarie's house

Children at Rosemarie's house

Rosemarie’s House is the largest of our foster homes and is home to 6 children from Open Arms and their foster siblings. It was purchased in 2009 and named in memory of our late director Rosemarie Bevis. Rosemarie and Neville moved to Malawi in 2000 to take over the running of Open Arms, but Rosemarie tragically lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer in 2006. We are delighted to be able to name Rosemarie’s House after a truly inspirational lady.

We are extremely grateful to supporters Peter and Carol-Anne who raised the funds needed to renovate the house to a high standard. They built a special ramp and other features to help Edina move through the house and garden.

Rosemarie’s House receives support from the Liackman family, very special friends in Australia, who donate the funds needed to support the House. 

Edina is one of the children at Rosemarie's house

Edina, or Edi as she is known, was born with Cerebral Palsy, which makes muscle control very difficult. She arrived at Open Arms on the 5 August 2004, just 2 months old, now she is able to walk and has regular physio. 

Edina’s friends look out for her, and will make sure that she is included in any special snack or treat. Her favourite thing to do is to go for a ride, which happens every week when she goes to SOS Children’s Village for physiotherapy.  The physiotherapy is helping maintain and extend her range of motion, although there is very slow progress. Keeping her range of motion is the therapist’s priority right now. As Edina grows up her cerebral palsy seems to be affecting her more.

She began primary school in January 2012, with the aid of a custom built wheelchair. We were able to install rails around the House that enable Edi to move around the house on her own!

Edina is very ably supported at home by Rosemarie's House Mum Thoko, and her very caring assistant Joyce. Ethel is employed as Edina’s full time carer whilst she is in school, and Esther joins the Mums at the weekend to provide extra assistance. When one of the Mums is off duty,  they still need help with Eddie. Although the other Rosemaries House residents are growing up and doing so much more for themselves, Edina is still very much dependent on those around her for help.

House Mum Thoko says that Edina is almost never angry or frustrated. She can often be heard laughing and expresses her joy in great squeals of delight. She can sing along in her own way with her foster siblings at evening bible study and singing time and has no problem performing her own version of songs that have actions.

Thoko, Joyce and the Rosemaries House children do a wonderful job of including Edina in all aspects of their life. Her therapist tells us that this is very different to how life for someone with disabilities might be in a village, he has seen disabled adults that have lost almost all their range of motion through no access to physiotherapy. Edina is also mentally stimulated and challenged, and most importantly accepted and valued just as she is. 

20171017 Edina Enjoys An Afternoon Out And Playing With The Foster Girls
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