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From seeing how our children are developing, the amazing support we get from our fundraisers to understanding the ins and out of running Open Arms, we’ve got it covered here.

Lifesaving care for children at risk

At the end of February the Mpenda village headman in Mangochi District found an abandoned baby in the grounds of a church. The tiny baby boy was in a bad condition and needed help urgently. It is a traumatic experience for everyone involved when this happens as there are concerns for the child's welfare, how to get access to the right help quickly enough and worries for the parents too. Read more about Jack's story and how you are helping.

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Farida's story

Farida was welcomed at Open Arms for temporary care after her mother struggled to look after her because of severe mental health issues. Her mother was found wandering the streets in Mangochi town and Farida was at risk. Read her story here.

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New arrivals and goodbyes at Blantyre Infant Home

Twins Emma and Emmie came to Open Arms in October for urgent care weighing just under 4lbs each. At the same time another pair of twins are ready to make their big move back home.

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Supporting children with albinism in Malawi

In Malawi, life can be dangerous for those with albinism but through close link with local communities, Open Arms has been able to offer some support.

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Transforming lives in Malawi

Open Arms Infant Homes provide vital support to the local systems in Malawi by working in partnership with the local Social Welfare officers to provide temporary care for babies at risk. These are children who are in desperate need or that have no where else to go. Children like Gracious who we met at the end of 2021.

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A new start for Blessings

For Blessings, who was abandoned on the day he was born, this milestone didn’t always look likely. But thanks to your support for the work of Open Arms Infant Homes he has just started a new chapter.

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